Water power

Being a major specialized design entity for water power projects - construction of new projects and rehabilitation of existing power plants - JSC «SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» focuses on designing of entire scope of mechanical equipment and special hydrotechnical steel structures, namely:

  • various types of gates with embedded parts;
  • protective barriers: trash racks, debris deflectors;
  • hoisting equipment: gantry cranes, overhead travelling cranes, various types of stationary mecha-nisms, traverses;
  • hydraulic drives;
  • clamping beams;
  • trash rack cleaning machines, various types of grabs;
  • crane and service bridges, overhead passing for mechanisms, gate storages, appliances for equipment repair, etc.;
  • penstocks, steel linings;
  • fish protectors and fish pass equipment;
  • lifting and transporting equipment for civil construction and erection;
  • special steel structures: crane tracks, bridges and trestles, gate storages, devices for repair of hydro-technical equipment, aeration pipes, etc.

Besides designing of mechanical equipment, SDTB performs the following job:

  • Erection design of the above stated equipment (including technological accessories and erection hoisting mechanisms);
  • Design of at-site industrial bases, pre-assembly and preparation of equipment for erection;
  • Designer’s supervision during manufacturing, erection and testing of mechanical equipment;
  • Instrumental survey of mechanical equipment and issuing technical summaries about further op-eration of equipment;
  • Rehabilitation and repair design of mechanical equipment elaborated on the basis of technical conclusions;
  • Design of hydraulic tests of penstocks (is not mentioned in designs).
Kremenchugskaya GES, Ukraine
HPP Tabqa, Syria
Cheboksary HPP
HPP Capanda, Angola
HPP Bajo De Mina, Panama
Shulbinskaya HPP, Kazakhstan
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project
HPP Shon- La, Vietnam
La - Eska HPP, Mexico

Water power

1953 HPP Tereblya - Rikskaya Ukraine, v. Protiven`
1953 HPP Ezminskaya Russia, Republic of North Ossetia
1954 Kakhovskaya HPP Ukraine, New Kakhovka
1973 HPP Tabqa Syria, province Tabka and Aleppo
2001 HPP Kang- Dong Vietnam, Shongbe province
2004 HPP El-Cajon Mexico, state of Nayarit