Irrigation and water management

Being a major specialized design entity for irrigation, technical and potable water projects - new projects and rehabilitation of existing projects - JSC «SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» focuses on designing of me-chanical equipment of pumping plants, header pipes and special steel structures, namely:

  • various types of gates with embedded parts;
  • protective barriers: trash racks, debris deflectors;
  • water refining equipment: flat and conical rotating meshes;
  • hoisting equipment: gantry cranes, overhead travelling cranes, various types of stationary mechanisms, traverses;
  • hydraulic drives;
  • clamping beams;
  • trash rack cleaning machines, various types of grabs;
  • pressure and header pipes and linings;
  • fish protecting equipment and fish passes;
  • special steel structures: crane tracks, bridges and trestles, gate storages, devices for repair of hydrotechnical equipment, etc.

Besides designing mechanical equipment, SDTB performs the fol-lowing job:

  • Designer’s supervision during manufacturing, erection and testing of mechanical equipment;
  • Instrumental survey of mechanical equipment and issuing technical summaries about further operation of equipment;
  • Rehabilitation and repair design of mechanical equipment elabo-rated on the basis of technical conclusions;
  • Design of hydraulic tests of penstocks.
Drain tunnel of South-Ukrainian channel, Ukraine
Spillway of Verhne-Makarovsk reservoir, Russia
Water lifting dam of Severski Donets-Donbass channel, Ukraine
Hydraulic works of Tambov, Russia
Sorochinsk reservoir, Russia
Pumping plant of Dnepr-Donbass channel, Ukraine
Nassiriya pumping plant, Iraq
Header pipeline arc pass over rail road of Dnepr-Donbass channel, Ukraine
Water lifting dam on the river Krasivaya Mecha for technical water supply of a plant

Irrigation and water management