Design of electrical equipment

Normal operation of hoisting mechanisms depends on reliable performance of electrical equipment any hoisting equipment contains.

SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» elaborates design of the following:

  • Electric drives of hoisting cranes and stationary hoisting mechanisms;
  • Electric drives of hydraulic drives;
  • Electric heating of gates, trash racks and embedded parts;
  • Electric heating of lifting beams, trolley busducts.

Design of electric drives is performed on the basis of international standards, using frequency converters and programmable controllers for even regulation of speed of mechanisms.

Hydraulic drives can be controlled from local control board located next to hydraulic drive, as well as remotely – from central control board.

Design of electrical equipment of hoisting equipment is performed on the basis of compo-nents manufactured by well-known international companies: Siemens, ABB, VEM, Moeller, LappGroup, Schneider, etc.

Cable busduct systems
Driven cable drum
Chain busduct systems
Electric heating of lifting beam of gantry crane at Boguchan HPP. Russia
Control cabin with control chair