Hydraulic drives

Hydraulic drives SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» elaborated are working without failures at many projects of ex-URSS and in foreign countries.

Hydraulic drive is the most progressive type of stationary mechanism and it is used widely to operate gates. A hydraulic drive is a compound device, it consists of one or several hydraulic cylinders interconnected with piping, a hydraulic board and an oil pumping unit.

Depending on purpose, operational conditions and requirements, one or several oil pumping units are used in hydraulic drive. Hydraulic cylinders can be immersed in water completely or partially. Hydraulic cylinder can be connected to the gate in one of the following manners:

  • directly;
  • with bars (booster bars as well);
  • with plate chains;
  • with block-linkage mechanism;
  • in combined way.

Oil pumping unit, electrical equipment, hydraulic boards of hydraulic drive must be located indoors.

Ability to develop high traction and booster forces with manipulation control is the advantage of hydraulic drives when compared to other mechanisms.

Hydraulic drives of radial gates.  San Rafael HPP, Mexico
Hydraulic drives of radial gates. San Rafael HPP, Mexico
Hydraulic drive l.c. 270 t. El Cajon HPP, Mexico

Design record

Usually, it takes about 3÷5 minutes to lower water intake emergency gates. According to customer’s requirement, SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» managed to shorten gate lowering time – an opening 9 m high can be shut off within 30 seconds.

Hydraulic drive l.c. 270 t with rod stroke 9,6 m serves to operate water intake plain emergency gates.

Hydraulic drive fulfills the following operations:

  • shuts off water conduit in case of necessity;
  • lifts the gate from the sill to top position after penstock is filled;
  • holds the gate in top position.

Ultrahigh adjustable speed of rod movement is a distinctive feature here.

Hydraulic drive l.c. 300 t. Capanda HPP, Angola
Hydraulic drive l.c. 150 t. Kyiv pump storage power plant, Ukraine
Control column
Hydraulic cylinder
Oil pumping unit

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in elaboration of Hydraulic drives

ProjectCountryLifting, holding and booster force, tRod stroke, mPiston/rod diameter, mmNumber of cylinders per gate/projectLifting/lowering speed, m/minPressure in hy-draulic system when lift-ing/lowering the gate, МPа
San Rafael HydrosystemMexico100-40-010,6320/1402/120,58/1,516,2/0
El Cajon HPPMexico200-270-09,6400/1601/21,2/26…1,919,9/24,3
Hydrosystem CapandaAngola300-20-1805,3450/2201/20,33/0,2526,1/11,9
Shulbin HPPKazakhstan500-700-15012,8710/3201/120,745/2,515,9/4,0
Hydrosystem Hoa BinhVietnam800-500-6314,8710/3201/40,142/0,11327/1,7
Yali HPPVietnam450-160-07,8500/2201/40,26/2,5329,9/0