Hoisting equipment

More than 1000 projects performed successfully serve proof of high competence of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in design elaboration of hoisting equipment that serves reliably, lifts the most important loads safely and performs effectively in any climate.

We calculate special gantry and overhead travelling cranes and stationary mechanisms taking in consideration loads to be lifted, we design them individually according to customers’ requirements. The cranes are equipped with all required safety devices, sensors for registration of operative parameters and for limiting of load to be lifted. If necessary, anti-seismic devices can be provided.

To design our cranes, we use drives and components of well-known international manufacturers only, leading companies at crane market. Operator’s cabins have air conditioning, comply to ergonomic and safety requirements. All electric motors of mechanisms have frequency regulation controls. If necessary, a crane can be equipped with radio control.

We will help you choose high quality equipment complying to the strictest safety standards.

Gantry crane l.c.2×420 t. Dnestr Pump storage power plant, Ukraine
Gantry crane l.c.2×420 t. Dnestr Pump storage power plant, Ukraine
Gantry crane l.c.500 t. Boguchan HPP. Russia

Gantry cranes

Normal performance of a hydrotechnical project depends on reliable operation of set of its mechanical equipment and special gantry cranes are the most important part of it. By means of these cranes control of gates and trash racks is performed, racks are cleaned from trash that accumulated on them, floating and sunk rubbish is removed from water area, hoisting and transporting operations are performed during construction and repair of equipment.

This is why gantry cranes should be designed individually for each specific project; they can have various structural schemes and parameters.

Special gantry crane l.c.2×75 t. La Yesca HPP. Mexico
Semi-gantry crane l.c.250 t. Dnepr HPP-2. Ukraine

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in elaboration of gantry cranes

ProjectCountryLifting capacity, tCrane span, mCrane base, mLifting height, m
main hoistauxiliary hoistMain hoistauxiliary hoist
Dneprodzerzhinsk HPPUkraine2×30050+2×101219,52325
Dnestr Pump storage power plantUkraine2×4201620,512,755676
Cheboksary HPPRussia2×22530/5128,43545
Boguchan HPPRussia50010131422,320,5
Zaramag HPPRussia633,2128,05518522
Shulbin HPPKazakhstan2×3502×80/2×16/5/215145384
Hydrosystem CapandaAngola1602×5014,012,9458,565
Hydrosystem Hoa BinhVietnam2×2503212,515,3220,640
La Yesca HPPMexico2×753,28,88,611018
Overhead travelling crane l.c.400/50 t. la Yesca HPP. Mexico

Overhead travelling cranes

Overhead travelling cranes of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» design operate in all sectors of power engineering, industry and water development works: from cranes for turbine buildings of hydroelectric power plants to cranes for mining and processing plants and metallurgical plants.

We elaborate overhead travelling cranes for the following purposes:

  • standard cranes for general industrial use: single-beam and double-beam cranes, cranes-beams
  • special cranes: magnetic, grab cranes
  • metallurgical cranes: casting, stripper cranes, cranes with rotable trolley
Special overhead travelling crane l.c. 180+2×70 t. Zaporozhye NPP. Ukraine
Overhead travelling crane l.c. 200/32+10 t. Gotsatlin HPP. Dagestan

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in elaboration of overhead travelling cranes

ProjectCountryLifting capacity, tCrane span, mCrane base, mLifting height, m
main hoistauxiliary hoistmain hoistauxiliary hoist
Zaporozhye NPPUkraine1802×70328,534,134,1
Ignalina NPPLithuania12520225,73035
Shahid Abbaspour HPPIran3202038,12725,8
Hydrosystem KarkhehIran2254021,75,753034
Tupolang HPPUzbekistan1605017,58,82527
Lebedin mining and processing plantRussia400322211,43234
Yenakievo metallurgical plantUkraine20108,05,11820
Sesan-4 HPPVietnam250805,2719193
GERDP HPPEthiopia5008024,58,1223,0723,62
Cable mechanism, l.c.2×63t. Bajo de Mina HPP, Panama

Stationary mechanisms

Stationary mechanisms are widely used at hydroelectrical power plants – they are used to perform fast control of gates. Recently, safety requirements at power plants have become stricter. So sometimes it is required to install stationary mechanisms for fast lowering of the gates. Stationary mechanisms of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» design can develop high speed of gate lowering – up to 8,0−10,0 m/min. Depending on type of operational mechanism stationary mechanisms can be divided to:

  • cable mechanisms;
  • screw mechanisms;
  • chain mechanisms;
  • lantern wheel mechanisms.

Usage of individual stationary mechanism ensures minimum time required to shut off water conducting opening, possibility of remote control of the mechanism; in general it helps increase safety of the entire hydrotechnical power system.

Cable mechanism. Kanev navigable sluice, Ukraine
Chain mechanism. Kama navigable sluice, Russia

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in elaboration of stationary mechanisms

ProjectCountryTypeLifting capacity, tLifting height, mDistance between suspension points, m
Esmin HPPRussiaChain505,0Single point
Antonov HPPRussiaRake2×155,03,0
Bajo de Mina HPPPanamaCable2×63483,0
Tyuyamuyun HydrosystemUzbekistanCable2×1602019,2
Al Baas DamSyriaCable2×20018,5Single point
Cross-beam for transfer of generator rotor, Dnestr pump storage power plant


SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» elaborates design of cross-beams with lifting capacity up to 1000 t and more:

  • special cross-beams
  • load cross-beams
  • metallurgical cross-beams

ProjectCountryLifting capacity, t
La Yesca HPPMexico720
Dnestr Pump storage power plantUkraine785
Nurek HPPTadjikistan620
Cross-beam l.c. 170 t. Mainsk HPP, Russia
Rotable cross-beam l.c. 28 t for transfer of rolled paper