Penstocks and steel lining

SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» elaborates design of metal penstocks and header pipelines, as well as of metal lining; they are an important and integral part of hydrotechnical projects.

SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» designs pipelines for HPP, pump storage power plants, NPP, TPP, regional power plants, irrigational facilities, industrial objects with head up to and over 1000 m, with diameter up to and over 16 m.

SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» elaborates design of penstock testing, which ensure safe operation of the entire project. Mounted sectors of penstock are subjected to hydraulic test with pressure 1,25–2 times over operational pressure.

Penstocks of Kyiv pump storage power plant. Ukraine
Penstocks of Kyiv pump storage power plant. Ukraine
Penstocks, Sendje HPP in Equatorial Guinea

Depending on the purpose pipelines can be:

  • penstocks, they ensure water supply from upstream of the reservoir to spiral chamber of power generation unit;
  • header pipelines, they ensure supply of water to long distance.

Depending on the type, pipelines can be:

  • non-embedded – laid freely on the ground (open pipelines);
  • embedded (lining) – located in armed concrete or in the rock;
  • loose-fill – located in a hill or in a trench;
  • piping laid in complicated geological conditions: under water, through water obstacles, of arc type, water-conduit bridges passing over railroads, in mines, in trestle bridges, collaps-ing soil, etc.
Designer’s supervision of penstock at Capanda HPP, Angola
Vortex element of construction tunnel. Water conduit diameter of 16m. Rogun HPP, Tadjikistan
Arc passage of pressure pipeline of Seversk Donetsk – Donbass channel, Ukraine
Penstocks of Son La HPP, Vietnam
Metal lining
Roller stand for automatic welding of pipe shells
Pipeline support
Expansion joints
Pipeline bifurcation

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» in elaboration of pipelines

Project Country Diameter, m Head, m Type Number of lines Total mass, t
Verhne-Krasnogorsk HPPRussia 6,65 69 Non-embedded 2 1700
Dnestr pump storage power plantУкраина 7,55 240 Concreted 7 13540
A-Vuong HPPVietnam 3,8 416 Concreted 1 2200
El Cajon HPPМексика 7,95 205 Concreted 2 3402
Sesan-4 HPPVietnam 7,5 97,05 Concreted 3 1549
Zelenchuk HPP and pump stor-age power plantRussia 5,04 53 Non-embedded 2 700