Special steel structures and special equipment

SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» is a specialist in elaboration of non-standard mechanical equip-ment and below stated special steel structures for power plants, water development works, irrigation and water management projects:

  • Embedded parts for gates and sluice gates;
  • Structures for repair of gates, trash racks and other equipment;
  • Gate storages;
  • Bridges and trestles;
  • Hermetic manholes;
  • Penstock and water conduit lining;
  • Aeration pipes;
  • Metal covers over openings;
  • Crane runway beams and rail tracks;
  • Technological devices for mounting operations.
Stands for storage and repair of mechanical equipment. Grodno HPP, Belarus
Bottom outlet gate chamber
Devices for repair of gates and trash racks, Dneproderzhinsk HPP, Ukraine
Hermetic manhole in penstock. HPP Capanda, Angola
Trestle bridge. Dnepr HPP, Ukraine
Crane runway beams and rail tracks. El Cajon HPP, Mexico