Trash racks and protective equipment

For hydroelectric projects, water development works, irrigation and water management projects SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal» is involved in design of trash racks that are important and integral part of hydrotech-nical systems. Trash racks are the most important parts of hydropower plants, pumping plants and navi-gable sluices; reliable and safe operation of hydrotechnical river systems depends on the state of trash racks.

Trash racks serve reliable protection of generating units against various floating objects, slush ice, and at HPP located in the mountains – against stones and gravel brought by the flow. Moreover, in rivers with high flow speed and turbulent flow, trash racks can serve a stabilizing element.

Trash racks
Trash racks
Trash racks. Dneprodzerzhinsk HPP. Ukraine
Trash racks. Tashlyk Pump storage power plant. Ukraine
Trash racks. Dnepr HPP. Ukraine

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal»
in elaboration of trash racks

ProjectCountryDimensions of openingDesign head, m
width, mheight, m
Pumping station NassiriyahIraq6,03,91,0
Dneprodzerzhinsk HPPUkraine6,518,03,0
Yali HPPVietnam7,614,03,0
La Higuera HPPChile11,010,881,0
Hydrosystem CapandaAngola10,514,03,0
Shulbin HPPKazakhstan11,521,03,0
Rotating water cleaning meshes. Lodyzhin HPP. Ukraine

Rotating plain water cleaning meshes, series: ТL, ТN, ТV

Quality of technical water supply of thermal and nuclear power plants considerably depends on efficient performance of water cleaning facilities.

Water cleaning meshes serve to catch minor suspended and floating objects that water contains and that trash racks haven’t blocked. In some cases, water cleaning meshes finish water cleaning that is used for industrial purposes. Such meshes are installed in water intakes just behind the trash racks that serve for coarse water cleaning.

The following types of rotating water cleaning meshes exist:

  • Rotating water cleaning meshes with internal water supply (type ТV);
  • Rotating water cleaning meshes with external water supply (type ТN);
  • Rotating water cleaning meshes with frontal water supply (type ТL).

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal»
in elaboration of plain rotating water cleaning meshes

ProjectCountryParameters of meshes
DenominationWidth of surface, mmHeight of mesh, mmRotation speed, m/min
Makeyev filtering plantUkraineТL-2000-5750200057506,12
Chisinau TPP-2MoldovaТL-3000-8250300082506,12
Berezov HPPRussiaТN-3000-9250300092504
Novokuybyshev TPP-1RussiaТN-1500-7250150072504
Moronov HPPUkraineТV-2000-112502000112504,2
Beloyarsk NPPRussiaТV-2500-119002500119004,2

Rotating conical water cleaning meshes

Besides rotating plain water cleaning meshes series ТL, ТN, ТV, rotating conical meshes prove to serve well.

Operating principle of such mesh consists in flow of raw water through open cone base; as water moves downwards, it enters the cone, is filtered through meshed surface and thus is cleaned from trash. Trash that was blocked on internal surface is flushed downwards through trash chute, as it accumulates. The trash chute turns on automatically. Cone sealing is arranged in such a way that no clearance occurs as it wears out.

Since 1976 more than 70 conical water cleaning meshes have been manufactured and installed at Cherno-byl, Kursk, Smolensk nuclear power plants.

As our clients say, conical water cleaning meshes perform effectively, have proven to have a reliable structure and no failures have been observed with them.

Experience and qualification of SDTB «Zaporozhgidrostal»
in elaboration of rotating conical water cleaning meshes

ProjectCountryParameters of meshes
Flushing water flow, m3/sInlet opening diame-ter of the cone, mmNumber of rota-tions of cone, rpm.Cell dimension, mm
Kursk NPP
Smolensk NPP
Kursk NPP. Stage II
Chernobyl NPP. Stage II
Smolensk NPP. Stage II
Kursk NPP. Stage III